Alive Collaboration Presence Feature

By a presence capability, "Alive Collaboration" realizes the following.

1. You can display all users using a page displaying at the same time now.

​The list of a user using at the same time changes in real time.

(1) When a user except yourself opens, it is displayed immediately.

In the first state, only yourself is displayed.

​When other users open the same page, it is reflected in the opened timing by indication.

When a user moves to other pages or closes a browser, he disappears from indication in the timing.

(2) The indication order of the list becomes the turn that he opens a page.

​The list of users using at the same time changes in real time.

​The user who opened the page very first is displayed by the top of the list.

When the user who opened earlier than yourself moves to the different page, your turn moves up.

2. You can prevent competition by locating it on the editing page.

Competition occurs when you edit a same item with plural users and save the data which you edited. And then you can't save it.

​You can evade competition by using the presence feature of "Alive Collaboration".

(1)Open with an edit page which you want to prevent competition, and then [gear icon]-[editing of the page].

You locate "Alive Collaboration".

(2) A user editing at the same time is displayed when you display a page to edit an item.

When you see that you edit the same item in plural users, the user of the side to leave editing to closes it with a "Cancel" button.

​When competition does not occur, only yourself are displayed.

When other users open the item editing at the same time, the user is displayed.

On the contrary, anther user displayed already at the top means that he has been editing when you are going to edit.

When you detect competition, the user of the side to hand over finishes editing with a "Cancel" button.

You can talk by chat capability and can coordinate a side to hand over.

​​That's all.

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