Alive Collaboration Overview

Our "Alive Collaboration" supports the collaboration of the team with the top page in the site of SharePoint Online, the view of the list / document library, a display page, a edit page.

Checked browser by us - Edge, IE11, Chrome


1. Presence Feature


 By a presence capability, you can display all users using a page displaying at the same time now.

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You can prevent competition by locating it on the editing page.

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2. Chat Feature


 You can perform a group chat between all member users using a page displaying at the same time.

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3. Canvas Feature


 You can draw a pen, a line marker, a letter on a screen and you can share it with all member users.

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4. Open Item Feature


 You can open the item which you appointed at the same time in all member users by open item capability.

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While a user is using, user login name, a user e-mail address, a user display name, these are stored in our database on Microsoft Azure for this application temporarily. (It is not a thing to store permanently.)

However, we never do anything to read the preservation content.

​When you cannot agree as above, please avoid using this application.

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