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Alive Collaboration Open Item Feature

You can open the item which you appointed at the same time in all member users by open item capability.

1. You can open a link on a page displaying now with all member users.

​All the member users display the item which you appointed at the same time immediately.

(1) Click a "Open link" button.

​If the color of a "Open link" button changes, and then click a link.

​The color of the link which you have chosen changes. click an "OK" button in dialog box.

​In the other tab in the browser, the linked content that you appointed will be displayed.

(2)The linked content is shown the member user equally.

​The linked content that you appointed in the other tab in the browser of the other users are displayed.

< Attention >

​- This function is effective for only the user of top position in the all listing members.

​​That's all.