Alive Collaboration Chat Feature

Chat capability enables a simple message conversation between member users.

2. You can perform a group chat between all member users using a page displaying at the same time.

​The message which you sent reaches all the members immediately.

(1) Click a "Chat" button and start a conversation.

It is the group chat for all member users displaying in a list.

​"Chat dialog box" is displayed.

(2) You transmit a message to all the members.

​Input a message and then click a "Send" button.

"Chat dialog box" is automatically displayed on the screen of other member users, and the message which you sent will be displayed.

(3) The member users can transmit a message equally, too.

​As for the message of other members, the message which left side, yours transmitted is displayed on the right side.

2. Indication of the Chat dialog box, non-indication are changed.

When you don't use a conversation function, you can do it for non-indication in dialog box. You display it again and can reopen.

(1) Click a "Close" button or "Chat" button and make dialog box non-indication.

(2) Dialog box is displayed when you click a "Chat" button again. The previous conversation contents are just left.

3. A text file can save the content of the chat.

​You save the content of the conversation and can refer later.

(1) Click a "Save" button and save conversation content.

​Click a "Save" button in the Save dialog box of the browser and save it in any place.

(2) Because it is saved in a text file, you can confirm it with memo pads.

​​That's all.

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