SharePoint Add-in Policy

Aiprovice Coporation, Ltd. (following, we) develops SharePoint add-in, the Office add-in to offer in us.
 On the occasion of the use of SharePoint add-in, the Office add-in, we ask for the following Terms of Use only when it is agreed to these contents after understanding to use it.

Copyright Policy

 The right about SharePoint add-in, the Office add-in belongs to us.

About a trademark
 The right about SharePoint add-in, the Office add-in belongs to us. It is forbidden using it without fair authority without permission unless it is accepted by a trademark legal right others law.

About disclaimers
 Even if a trouble and a loss, the damage produce us by having used SharePoint add-in, Office add-in, it is no thing taking responsibility.
 We change SharePoint add-in, Office add-in without a notice or we may delete it.
In addition, we stop an offer of SharePoint add-in, the Office add-in or may cancel it.

We change our Terms of Use without a notice.

Thank you for your understanding beforehand. 

Privacy Policy
Our SharePoint add-in, Office add-in often acquire the personal information of the customers in a basic way.

If it is necessary for our product the personal information of users, we notice that in our product.

Governing law
 About the use of our SharePoint add-in, Office add-in and the interpretation of our agreement, the application, we shall be based on a Japanese federal law without fate separately.

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