Information security policy

Dealing with confidential information about our customers, Aiprovide Corporation, Ltd. (it is said as follows with us) provides development of the information system, construction service.
It is our social responsibility, and it is an important matter in the business to secure the information security of these confidential information and other information assets.
For the purpose for our customers having deals in great peace of mind, we establish "Information security policy" here.
And, based on this basic recognition, all employees including the administrators understand this basic policy and observe it.

Definition of the information security
  Information security is to maintain secrecy, integrity, availability required to information assets.

  We prescribe information assets about our all operation coverage.

The observance such as laws and ordinances

  We observe Unauthorized Computer Access Law, laws and ordinances about the information security such as Unfair Competition Prevention Law, the contract matter with our customers.

Information security education

  For the purpose of consciousness improvement for the information security, we carry out periodical information security education for all employees including the administrators.

The information security system

  We appoint the best information security person in charge to promote an organized information security management system and hold the liaison conference with the person in charge of each section.
In addition, by domestic inspection, we inspect the prescribed observance situation regularly.
When an accident of the information security occurs, we perform a corrective action by any operation and study a cause quickly.

Duty of the employee
  When all employees including the administrator violate an information security basic policy, we apply penal regulations based on office regulations.

Security guard

  About the information assets, we make much of system development, information assets about the construction and make much of "confidential" "integrity" about the information security.
We perform the information security of information assets, the menace to information assets and the risk assessment that digitized weakness.
We carry out security measures for the risk that we identified.

Continual improvement

  We improve an information security management system continuously.

establishment date 4/1/2010
modified date             4/1/2017
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