We utilize
SharePoint effectively.

Do you think that it is hard to use SharePoint?

Using the standard function effectively and performing slight customization, these perform increasing efficiency of the work.

We receive the demand of the solution to solve problems.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Add-in

SharePoint On-premises

If you contract Office 365, we can utilize SharePoint Online.
From the construction of the site on SharePoint Online to the development of the duties system, we suggest the best solution to your company.

We develop the SharePoint add-in to expand the function of SharePoint
You can introduce it from the SharePoint store. We receive your company's original new development and original customization.

You don't use SharePoint Online for reasons of the security top. Or you want to utilize existing on-pre environment.。
In that case, we introduce SharePoint solution to on-pre business.
The development results of the on-pre base are abundant, too.

1. SharePoint Online

2. SharePoint Add-in

3. SharePoint On-premises

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

About inflection of SharePoint, we accept consultation.
We can offer the customization at a very reasonable price.

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